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Controlling Grass in Sorghum

For years, growers struggled to control grass in sorghum, and it was often cited as a reason to plant other crops. There was a significant

Why You Should Grow Sorghum

Each year we write a blog that looks at what should be grown in the coming year. Last year when I wrote this blog, we

Newest Double Team™ Grain Hybrid

Our newest Double Team™ Grain Hybrid is a medium maturity hybrid with bronze grain and high SCA tolerance. This hybrid has high levels of Staygreen

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Grassy Weed Reference Chart

Grass Species% Yield ReductionSources
Johnson Grass100%Bean (1991)
Shattercane80-96%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original Veseckt et al (1973)
Longpine Sandbur42%Thompson, Dille, and Peterson (2017), Original Fabrizius (1998)
Yellow Foxtail44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Feltner et al (1969b))
Barnyardgrass44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (B.A. Smith(1990))
Prairie Cupgrass42%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Stahlman and Northam (1992))
Texas and Brown Panicum80%Garcia et al (2019)

Seeding Rate

If planting in 20 inch rows or less always use the higher rates. Increase seeding rate by 20% if planting is delayed significantly to account for lower tillering rates.

Yield GoalSeed/acre
<80 bu/acre< 4,500 lbs/acre25-30,000
80-125 bu/acre4,000-5,600 lbs/acre40-55,000
125+ bu/acre7,000+ lbs/acre55-70,000