Check out our latest video about our Double Team™ Sorghum Cropping Solution with FirstAct™ herbicide, featuring Brent Johnson, S&W Seed VP, Sales & Marketing. In it, he explains how Double Team will help eliminate profit- and yield-robbing grass weeds in your sorghum crop using a combination of unique trait hybrids with unparalleled over-the-top herbicide control.

In the three years since Double Team has been on the market it has had a strong response from growers. Growers are excited about the technology. Double Team has grown from an initial 5,000 acres to 400,000 acres in 2023. And, we’re currently projected to double acres in 2024.

Eighty percent of growers surveyed responded that Double Team is better than any other sorghum seed today. Those who have used it like it, and they plan to expand Double Team acres in the future.

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Grassy Weed Reference Chart

Grass Species% Yield ReductionSources
Johnson Grass100%Bean (1991)
Shattercane80-96%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original Veseckt et al (1973)
Longpine Sandbur42%Thompson, Dille, and Peterson (2017), Original Fabrizius (1998)
Yellow Foxtail44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Feltner et al (1969b))
Barnyardgrass44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (B.A. Smith(1990))
Prairie Cupgrass42%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Stahlman and Northam (1992))
Texas and Brown Panicum80%Garcia et al (2019)

Seeding Rate

If planting in 20 inch rows or less always use the higher rates. Increase seeding rate by 20% if planting is delayed significantly to account for lower tillering rates.

Yield GoalSeed/acre
<80 bu/acre< 4,500 lbs/acre25-30,000
80-125 bu/acre4,000-5,600 lbs/acre40-55,000
125+ bu/acre7,000+ lbs/acre55-70,000