Newest Double Team™ Grain Hybrid

Our newest Double Team™ Grain Hybrid is a medium maturity hybrid with bronze grain and high SCA tolerance. This hybrid has high levels of Staygreen for improved standability and excellent emergence in cool soils. An excellent choice for high yielding dryland and irrigated fields. Key Attributes • DT® Trait tolerates FirstAct™ herbicide for over-the-top grass […]

Double Team Helps Eliminate Profit-Robbing Grass Weeds

  Check out our latest video about our Double Team™ Sorghum Cropping Solution with FirstAct™ herbicide, featuring Brent Johnson, S&W Seed VP, Sales & Marketing. In it, he explains how Double Team will help eliminate profit- and yield-robbing grass weeds in your sorghum crop using a combination of unique trait hybrids with unparalleled over-the-top herbicide […]

Sorghum Silage Better Economically & Tolerates Drought

By Scott Staggenborg, Ph.D., S&W Seed Co. Director of Product Marketing When considering silage needs in 2024, contemplate using a silage sorghum hybrid. Producers often focus on using only corn silage for their dairy ration or as a supplement when grazing is unavailable on their beef operation. But, when looking at the economics and diversity […]

Consider Double Team™ for Your Silage Needs

Weed Free in '23

Check out Double Team™ Sorghum for Silage – a medium-early maturity hybrid that produces high-quality silage because of its large grain head. It will likely increase bottom-line ROI, improve animal digestibility, and provide greater flexibility for your silage program. Key advantages of Double Team™ Sorghum for Silage include: DT® Trait tolerates FirstAct™ herbicide for over-the-top […]

Grower Plants Sorghum After 20 Years, Wins High Yield Contest with Double Team™

Temple Rhodes of Chestnut Manor Farms was recently named the Maryland first-place winner in the Dryland No-Till East division of the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest. Rhodes planted Sorghum Partners 58M85 DT and yielded 164.65 bushels per acre on his Queen Annes County farm. S&W Seed Co. chatted with Rhodes to learn how he won […]

Double Crop, Double Team Sorghum Management

Disappointing wheat yields do not have to be how you remember 2023 in given fields. Planting double-crop sorghum into those fields immediately after wheat harvest or abandonment gives you the chance to end 2023 with a positive outcome. Now with Double Team™ Sorghum, double cropping with sorghum becomes easier because you can control volunteer wheat […]

Be Weed Free in ’23

Weed Free in '23

Written By: Scott Staggenborg Ph.D. It seems like I’ve written or spoke about “Why you should grow sorghum next year” every year over the past two decades. There’s a handful of reasons for this I suspect, the first is that I’m simply a sorghum guy having grown up around it and spent most of my […]

Sorghum Is Back

Sorghum is Back – New Technology Breathes Life into Sorghum

Technology Pushes Sorghum Acres

Sorghum growers in the middle part of the country know this ancient grain is where untapped potential can be in their crop rotation. And now with new technologies to help control the ever-present weeds or grasses, sorghum is able to get an even bigger foothold. HPJ Full Article Click Here

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Grassy Weed Reference Chart

Grass Species% Yield ReductionSources
Johnson Grass100%Bean (1991)
Shattercane80-96%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original Veseckt et al (1973)
Longpine Sandbur42%Thompson, Dille, and Peterson (2017), Original Fabrizius (1998)
Yellow Foxtail44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Feltner et al (1969b))
Barnyardgrass44%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (B.A. Smith(1990))
Prairie Cupgrass42%Stahlman and Wicks (2000), Original (Stahlman and Northam (1992))
Texas and Brown Panicum80%Garcia et al (2019)

Seeding Rate

If planting in 20 inch rows or less always use the higher rates. Increase seeding rate by 20% if planting is delayed significantly to account for lower tillering rates.

Yield GoalSeed/acre
<80 bu/acre< 4,500 lbs/acre25-30,000
80-125 bu/acre4,000-5,600 lbs/acre40-55,000
125+ bu/acre7,000+ lbs/acre55-70,000